The 8 Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

It is hard to predict the future, especially in technology. Yet if we look at the current engineering projects happening, we can reasonably produce what life will look like in the next decade.

The following are the top 9 engineering challenges that will be solved by 2030.

1- Developing A Powerful AI Machine

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

AI is happening sooner or later. Many companies, such as Alphabet and Tesla, are working to create an AI that thinks and acts like humans. We will create an AI so powerful that it can replace many jobs. Read What Jobs AI Will Replace.

2- Full Self Driving Cars

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

Self-driving cars are happening sooner or later. By 2030 we will see Robotaxis, where you sit in the back seat, and the car will take you safely to where you want to go. This will likely reduce fatalities and make motorways safer for everyone.

3- More Electric Cars On The Street Than Petrol Cars

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

Electric Cars, or EVs, are becoming more desirable to the general public. Currently, all car manufacturers are jumping on this opportunity to lunch their electric cars. By 2030 we will have very mature technology where you can charge your EV from 0% to 100% in under 30 minutes and get more range and features with an EV than you get with a petrol car.

4- Completing The World First Sustainable City – The Line

The line is the first city that will be fully self-sustainable and renewable. This futuristic city in Saudi Arabia will be 200 meters wide, 170 kilometres long and 500 meters above sea level, which will house 9 million people and enable quick travel from end to end in just 20 minutes. This will reimagine how humans live and interact with each other, with its first settlement planned to move in 2024.

5- Have Humans With Electronic Chips In Their Brains

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

By 2030 we will make a technological breakthrough in neural science and finally be able to install electronic chips in human brains that can process and download data from the internet but also restore vision and help disabled people walk again.

6- Widely Use Blockchain Technology For Smart Contracts

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

Currently, cryptocurrency is used only as a store of value, but that is not the ultimate benefit of the blockchain. We can use it for monetary applications such as transferring money and the internet of things or IoT by interacting with smart devices all around us. However, the most beneficial use for the blockchain will be smart contracts which are programs built on the blockchain that can automate and execute programs that will eliminate intermediate involvement and time loss.

7- Establish A Human Colony On Mars

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has predicted in many interviews that the first humans will land on Mars by 2030 and thus establish the first human colony outside earth and begin our journey to become a multi-planetary species.

8- The Metaverse Will Be Widely Used

Engineering Challenges That Will Be Solved By 2030

We have already seen the early versions of the Metaverse, which does not seem promising. Bad graphics, limited functionality and limited ways to access the Metaverse. However, there are needs for virtual reality that help organisations to work from anywhere and be as productive or even more than face-to-face interactions. With the huge investment by Meta to see this through, we would likely see a very mature and widely used Metaverse by 2030.

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