The Top 10 Careers That AI Can And Can NOT Replace

Careers That AI Can And Can NOT Replace

When we talk about AI, we immediately think of a world ruled by machines, just like the movies or a world where AI has made humans’ lives much easier and replaced very tedious jobs that humans do today.

However, for that to happen, AI must be able to do the job 10 times better than humans. This post will explore the potential jobs that AI will replace:

5 Careers AI Can Replace

1- Artists

We have already seen AI-generated art, which is very realistic and has that wow factor. There are many programs that you can tell what you want in words, and it will give you a picture that has exactly what you asked for. AI software can pull images from the interest and give you accurate results, which is why Artists are one of those careers that AI can replace.

2- Blue Collar Workers

Most blue-collar jobs require more physical than cognitive effort. Machines have already got efficient in making those careers safer and easier. You can make an AI to do those tasks with high productivity, replacing blue-collar workers. It is already happening in factories by replacing some tasks with robots. It’s only a matter of time before you get fully automated factories.

3- Architects

Architects are another form of artists; they design things which is aesthetically based on client demands which engineers later validate. Eventually, you can train AI to design buildings based on a very specific request.

4- Taxi Drivers

Self-driving cars are just around the corner. There are already companies such as Tesla trying to implement self-driving cars. Eventually, AI will become so sophisticated that you can just get in a car that will drive you from home to work by itself.

5- Customer Service

Customer service has been replaced by AI for many years now. Any online business has some sort of AI customer service. Many self-serve checkouts are already implemented in supermarkets. In fact, many people prefer this seamless, quick process of not having to talk to a human to do simple tasks. It is impossible not to think that customer service will not be a career fully served by AI.

5 Careers AI Can NOT Replace

Careers That AI Can And Can NOT Replace

1- Engineers

Engineers are simply the people who created AI. They are the problem solvers to problems that seem unsolvable. Engineers can not be replaced because of how complicated the nature of the job is.

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2- Doctors

The field of medicine has witnessed very massive innovation in tech. All those machines can do very delicate procedures that are impossible to be done by humans. Still, a machine can not diagnose human conditions or make critical health decisions based solely on logic. In fact, it is almost impossible to build an algorithm that can beat the human element in the field of medicine and replace physicians.

3- Lawyers

Law is very complicated for AI. Even if you have an AI that knows every law, it is still impossible for AI to argue or even understand the basis of the argument. As far as we know, AI cannot replace human emotions. AI can fool you into thinking it can; it can replicate but not replace, which is why it can not replace lawyers.

4- Scientists

There is a theory to everything, and scientists advance human knowledge and understanding of the universe. This is something AI can not comprehend because AI functions based on a set of defined parameters and is incapable of creating parameters. The universe is endless, which humans understand, but a machine needs a scale or definite number to scale the universe. A machine can’t produce theories.

5- Psychologists

The human mind is complicated. It can not be modelled by a machine. Although it can mimic it with great detail, it can not digest and interpret it, which is a huge difference. Psychologists are professionally trained to deal with their patients because they can reason with them and relate to them, which AI can not.

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