About Us

About the Young Hero Engineer

Hey you! Thanks for taking the time to read about us. If we have not met yet, my name is Joseph, and I love making content about engineering.

Engineers are the most effective individuals in any industry. They find problems to solve by working behind the scenes to make life easier and more convenient. We are so involved in the core of the problem that makes us excellent entrepreneurs, project managers and leaders.

The Young Hero Engineer aims to provide news and insights into the world of tech and engineering. My mission is to help engineers advance in their careers and make engineering more relatable to people considering this career path.

Joseph Maloyan

I made this site to share my experience and thoughts on what it means to be an engineer.

As a Civil Engineer, I have such passion for my industry but also for engineering in general. It is a joy for me to learn, read and write about news that revolves around tech and innovation.

Be proud to be an engineer as it is a very fulfilling career. Despite the hardship, we always find ways to shine. The Young Hero Engineer is all about finding purpose and passion in a dynamic and demanding profession like engineering.