When And Where To Study For Maximum Productivity

When And Where To Study For Maximum Productivity

Studying can be a boring process for many. You sit down and open your textbook. A few minutes later, you look at your phone and are completely distracted from what you need to study. This is an issue that most students are struggling with today because of the number of distractions around them. So when and where to study for maximum productivity?

In general, the best time and place to study is when you can limit the number of distractions around you which is usually a quiet room or space without a phone. The best time to study is when you are fully rested and can free yourself for 3 hours without doing anything else. The best productive students are the ones who make a habit of studying in a specific place and time daily.

Pushing today’s homework to tomorrow is common among university students. Many wonders why they end up pulling all-nighters on every test, but the solution is very simple. Free yourself daily to go to a specific time and place to isolate yourself to study. If you do it for a while, you will make it a habit.

The following answer the most frequently asked questions by students.

What Is The Best Time To Study?

There is no magic time when you can study and learn faster. Instead, the best time is what is convenient for you. The best time is when you are fully rested and have a quiet place or room to study for at least 2-3 hours without interruption.

Day Or Night: When Is The Best Time To Study?

Studying day or night fully depends on your lifestyle and your own personal choices. There is no right or wrong time to study as long as you have the mental capacity to do so. Often, it is in the morning, but many have work in the morning, so the only time you should study is at night.

If you are trying to balance work and study, you should read: How Students Balance Work And Study? A Guide.

How Many Hours A Day Should You Study?

Students should study at least 3 hours a day. Yet it does not have to be continuous. It is even best to have a 5-10 minutes break every 30 to 40 minutes. This way, you can keep your brain energised and focused on learning as much as possible.

What Time Is Too Late To Study?

When And Where To Study For Maximum Productivity

There is no such time as super late to study as there is no such time as super early to study. If you have the mental capacity to study at midnight, you should study then. Most individuals can process information much faster in the morning than in the afternoon or at night.

Top 5 Places To Study

Based on the feedback we got from students, these are the top places to study.

  1. You Dorm Room – Bedroom
  2. Library
  3. Coffee Shop
  4. Empty Classroom
  5. Friend House

Where Is A Quiet Place To Study

The quietest places to study will be your house or your room, especially since you have all the resources to study comfortably rested in your own place. But if your house is very noisy, the second best place will be the library since people have to be quiet when they are in the library.

How Do I Force Myself To Study When I Don’t Feel Like Studying?

When And Where To Study For Maximum Productivity

Students find their study boring and do not feel like studying because they fail to connect with what they are learning. If they find an interest, they can study for a long time without being bored.

We have discussed this issue in detail here: How To Not Get Bored While Studying And Enjoy Your Study.

How To Make Your Study A Habit?

To make your study a habit, you have to free yourself for a specific time during the day to study without distraction, have a plan on what you need to accomplish daily, take a 5-minute break every 30-40 minutes and finally repeat the process for 30 days until it becomes a habit.

Because humans are creatures of habit, if you do the same process enough times, it becomes something normal to you. For you to form great habits such as studying, you must possess a productive mindset. If you need help in that area, you can check the 5 Effective Habits To Build A Strong And Rich Mindset.

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