Top 7 Engineering Podcasts For 2023 – For All Engineer

Learning is essential to engineers, especially the topics that are related to engineers’ work and interests. Podcasts are a good way of learning because you can listen to them while driving or even working. The following are the top podcasts for 2023 that every engineer should listen to:

1- Soft Skills Engineering

This podcast talks about the soft skills engineers need specifically for software developers. It discusses pay raises, hiring developers, technical leadership, learning new technologies, quitting your job, and getting promoted.

2- Unprofessional Engineering

Want an engineering podcast about everything to expand your knowledge and learn something new every time, then this is the podcast for you.

3- The Civil Engineering Podcast

This podcast is for all civil engineers looking to advance their careers. Every episode features a new guest with a new topic dedicated to all disciplines in civil engineering.

4- Engineering Heroes

Engineering Heroes Podcast has been growing rapidly to become one of the top podcasts on everything engineering, run by professional engineers with interesting guests to bring a new outlook on what it is like to work as an engineer.

5- The B1M Podcast

Although the B1M is a relatively new podcast, the B1M youtube channel has been making amazing content about the construction industry and civil engineering world for years. This podcast brings news about what is happening in the construction space.

6- Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know is an all-rounded funny podcast about tech, engineering, art and literally things that you should know. Every episode has a new topic that keeps things fresh and interesting.

7- 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a podcast specialising in art, design and architecture with its host Roman Mars who explores the invisible things in design and things that people should know.

Joseph Maloyan

Hi, this is Joseph, and I love writing about engineering and technology. Here I share my knowledge and experience on what it means to be an engineer. My goal is to make engineering relatable, understandable and fun!

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