Top 8 Tech Degrees That Will Be In High Demand By 2030

Tech Degrees

Choosing an engineering degree can be challenging. You want to choose a degree that offers a high-paying job and many opportunities. Luckily engineering and tech jobs are among the highest-paying careers. Check Average Tech & Engineering Job Salaries.

Why do a tech degree?


  • Get endless career options
  • It gives you an edge to stand out in any job you apply for
  • Higher earning potential
  • Networking opportunities
  • Change the world with new inventions

We are seeing a constant increase in the following 9 tech degrees. It is predicted that by 2030 the work opportunities from those degrees will be in very high demand.

1- Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of the highest demanded engineering degrees. It makes the top 1 in our list because, as a graduate, you get the chance to work in any big tech company or even start your own small tech company. The skills you learn as a software engineer are valuable in the 21st century and will still be in demand for decades.

Top Universities To Study Software Engineering

  1. Iowa State University
  2. University of California Irvine
  3. California Polytechnic State University
  4. Florida Institute of Technology
  5. The University of Texas at Dallas

2- Data Scientist

This engineering field is expected to be at its highest peak a few years from now because of its importance to data analysis. You get many career options as a data scientist, such as machine learning engineering, marketing and data analysis.

Top Universities To Study Data Science

  1. University of San Francisco
  2. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  3. Capella University
  4. The University of Texas at Dallas
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

3- Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication engineering has a steady job demand growth year over year by 2%; they are essential to maintain communication systems and improve those networks. Due to the high demand for high-speed internet, there will be increasing demand for those jobs by 2030.

Top Universities To Study Telecommunication Engineering

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. California Institute of Technology
  3. University of California, Berkeley
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology
  5. Cornell University

4- Information Technology (IT)

IT services are always in demand and heavily required by any organisation to maintain and improve their systems and secure their data. There are endless work opportunities with chances to start your own business due to ease of entry to the market.

Top Universities To Study IT

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  3. University of Central Florida
  4. Temple University
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology

5- Web Development & Design

It is no surprise that website development will still be in high demand by 2030 due to the many opportunities to develop mobile and web applications in marketing, e-commerce, financial services, streaming services .. etc.

Top Universities To Study Web Development & Design

  1. Franklin University
  2. Academy of Art University
  3. Brigham Young University-Idaho
  4. University of Phoenix
  5. Wilmington University

6- Cybersecurity

Unsurprisingly, the top engineering careers in high demand are related to tech. Cybersecurity is one of those careers that will always be in demand. Many career options exist, and many companies hire cybersecurity engineers to maintain and protect their servers and data.

Top Universities To Study Cybersecurity

  1. University of California Berkeley
  2. George Washington University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. Arizona State University
  5. New Jersey Institute of Technology

7- Video Game Design

With the advancement in computer graphics and processing, video game and graphic design will be in absolute high demand. With the development of gaming engines that enable video game design with little coding knowledge, this industry will be even more accessible. It could be worth close to $400 Billion by 2030.

Top Universities To Study Video Game Design

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  2. Drexel University
  3. The Savannah College of Art and Design
  4. Shawnee State University
  5. University of California Santa Cruz

8- Mechatronics Engineering

The technological advancement in robotics and AI is at a high peak now. All major tech companies are developing robots and AI technology, such as Alphabet (Aka Google), Tesla and Samsung. This will require high demand for mechatronic engineers, changing the world as we know it.

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Top Universities To Study Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Kent State University
  3. Lawrence Technological University
  4. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  5. Utah Valley University

What Tech Degree Should You Do?

Doing a tech degree depends on your preference and passion. For those who can not decide, it is best not to decide based on demand alone. Although tech is an exciting industry, it can also be tedious for those who do not have any interest in them.

If you do not know which engineering degree you should do, you can check our guide: What Engineering Degree Should I Do? Make A Choice Now.

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