The 11 Consultant Engineer Skills You Need On Your Resume

Consultant Engineer Skills

Consultant engineering is one of the biggest career options for engineers, but why should you go into consultant engineering? What skills do you need to get a job as a consultant engineer?

In this article, we will explain everything about consultant engineering in detail.

What Is A Consulting Engineer?

Consultant engineers provide technical expertise throughout the project’s life to contractors, builders and clients. They are usually engaged at any stage, from the preliminary design stage to the final stages of the projects in the infrastructure industry. They can be civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, or geotechnical engineers.

How To Become A Consulting Engineer?

To become a consultant engineer, you need to graduate with an engineering degree.

Usually, engineering degrees take 4-5 years. After graduation, you need to gain experience for one year minimum before you can work as a consultant engineer. The whole process takes between 5-6 years.

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11 Consulting Engineer Skills You Need On Your Resume

Civil Engineer Skills
Consultant Engineer Skills

For a consultant engineer resume to be successful, it must have a combination of software, technical, analytical and management skills

Having those skills will help you write the perfect resume. You can also check our free guide on how to write a resume with 6 Actionable Steps To Write A Perfect Consultant Engineer Resume.

Now, we will discuss those skills in detail

1- Software Skills

These are the engineering software that you use. There are 25 Common Consultant Engineering Software that is considered the standards in the construction industry. Even so, the following are the 3 must-have software in your resume:

1- AutoCAD

civil engineering software

AutoCAD is a must-have on your resume. Even if the job description does not require AutoCAD, you should still include it in your resume.

TypeDrafting and drawing production
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2- MS Excel

civil engineering software

Excel is the tool for everything, and engineers love this tool. It can help you manage a project or design a steel structure or make a technical checklist for your project. Even if it is not mentioned in the job description, it is assumed that you know Excel, so make sure it is in your resume.

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3- MS Project

civil engineering software

Yes, another Microsoft tool. If you are a consultant engineer, you might not use MS Project as much, but even so, MS Project is so easy to learn that you can learn how to use it in one day, so include it in your resume.

TypeProject management software
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2- Analytical skills

Every consultant engineer needs to have good analytical skills. To be able to analyse design risks and take the most optimal solution that can be both cost-effective and time efficient.

3- Attention to detail

Attention to detail is the ability to spot issues and mistakes and devise a solution to prevent those issues. Consultant engineers’ work is very detailed, and mistakes can sometimes pass through the design checks unnoticed. To be successful, you must have sharp senses to spot those mistakes.

4- Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is the issues spotted during design that do not comply with design standards or common construction practices. As a consultant engineer, you must spot issues during design and find a solution.

5- Design skills

Design skills are the ability to engineer something, such as a retaining wall or a two-way slab. This is achieved using design software, drafting software and knowledge of design codes.

6- Multitasking Skills

Multitasking is the ability to do multiple things on the same day. It does not matter what type of engineer you are. You must be able to organise your tasks and to be able to complete your duties.

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7- Project Management Skills

Project management skills are necessary for every engineer, which shows that you can manage any project by setting deadlines and milestones. The project is complete when it achieves all its goals.

8- Communication Skills

On average, consultant engineers must communicate with each other about almost any design decision. Being a successful engineer is having the ability to communicate both solutions and problems effectively.

9- Leadership Skills

Even if you are not in a senior management position, you must have been in a situation where you needed to take charge of the problem. Consultant engineers are the technical expertise in the construction industry, and they communicate their decisions through drawings and reports. “Taking leadership of your work” is something all consultant engineers must have.

10- Teamwork Skills

If you can not communicate effectively and work in teams, you cannon be a successful consultant engineer. One civil engineer can achieve nothing. It is only through teamwork that projects are started and completed.

11- Negotiation Skills

You must be able to negotiate your solutions or your services. Clients do not necessarily understand how things work because they are not engineers, so you must be able to negotiate certain things, not only design.

Why Become A Consulting Engineer?

Consultant Engineer Skills

There are 5 reasons why you should become a consultant engineer:

  1. Have the opportunity to solve a complex problem
  2. Be part of big projects
  3. Work in a big company and with large teams
  4. High salary
  5. Scalable job

What Does An Engineer Consultant Do?

Consultant engineers do the following:

  1. Design: Consultant engineers provide the project blueprint from the preliminary stage to the construction stage
  2. Cost Analysis: Provide a cost estimate for the project
  3. Bill Of Quantity: Provide an estimate of the material quantities and how to reduce the number of materials to be more sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  4. Project Management: Manage project and contractors from start to finish
  5. Provide Risk Analysis: Of new and old projects and the likelihood and feasibility of a project.
  6. Provide Technical Reports: Based on Client request.

What Is The Difference Between An Engineer And A Consultant?

Consultant engineers provide technical support to infrastructure projects such as drawings and reports. The difference between a consultant and an engineer is that the engineer executes the project while the consultant provides recommendations based on design codes and computer modelling.

Is Consulting A Good Career For Engineers?

Consultant engineering is in high demand in almost every engineering field. It is also the most difficult career path from a technical and engineering view. But it also pays very well to be a consultant engineer than a project manager or an engineer working for a construction contractor.

Do Consultants Make A Lot Of Money?

Consultant engineers make a good salary of around $105,000 in the US, which is achieved by working 5-7 years as a consultant engineer. The entry-level salary is $65,000.

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