8 Best Search Engines For Engineering Jobs You Must Know

Best Search Engines For Engineering Job

On the hunt for an engineering job? The following are the top search engines for engineering jobs you will ever need. Knowing when and how to use those search engines will help you immediately land your engineering job. The following are the top search engines:

1- LinkedIn

Best Search Engines For Engineering Job

LinkedIn, within the past 10 years, has grown into a central hub for everything related to engineering and has easily become the world’s top search engine for engineering jobs. There are thousands of jobs posted every day that you can apply to. You can even be directly offered job opportunities just by being involved on LinkedIn.

Easy job submissionSalary is not always listed
Has a resume builderMust create an account to apply for jobs
Can reach employers directlySome analytical features only available to premium accounts
Direct messaging is only available to premium accounts

2- Indeed

Best Search Engines For Engineering Job

Indeed is by far the biggest job search engine in the world. Because it is free, it has a high volume of job listings. The good thing about indeed is that you can use its various filters to find the job conditions that suit you, such as full-time, part-time or casual.

Easy submissionExtremely competitive
Salary is listedSome jobs are outdated
Has many useful job filters
The high volume of jobs

3- Monster

Monster is the oldest job search engine, founded in 1994 and the second biggest job search engine after Indeed. Monster has fewer engineering job opportunities and filters compared to indeed.

Easy submissionLimited job posts outside the US
Good for all engineering fieldsSome jobs are outdated
Limited filters
Salary is not always listed

4- Glassdoor

Besides being a big search engine for jobs, it also provides insider information about the engineering companies you want to apply for, such as salary information and employees review of the business. Even if you are not using glassdoor to apply for jobs, you should definitely leverage the insider information on this website to your advantage.

Insider information such as salary and job reviewsLow volume of engineering job posts
Research companiesYou need an account to use the site
Some reviews are biased and not always from trusted sources

5- Career Builder

Career builder is one of the biggest job search engines in the US for engineering jobs. It is also available in selected countries outside the US.

Has a resume builderAvailable in the US, Canada, and selected countries in Europe and Aisa
Salary is not always listed

6- Dice

Dice is a specialized job search engine for tech and engineering jobs; all its job listings are in the US, with many remote work job opportunities and opportunities to work in tech startups.

Engineering and tech job-focusedOnly jobs listed in the US
Remote work opportunitiesSalary is not always listed
Career insights and reports

7- Engineer Jobs – engineeringjobs.com

If you are an engineer and live in the US, you should use engineerjobs.com. This website has many job listing opportunities, details, and information that can help you apply for your dream job.

High volume of job listingsUS jobs only
Engineering focused jobs
Salary always listed

8- Engineering – Engineering.com

Besides being a job posting site, Engineering.com is also one of the biggest resources on the internet for everything engineering. The jobs listed are only for US and Canada.

High volume of job listingsOnly available in US and Canada
Engineering focused jobsJob salary is not always listed

How To Apply For An Engineering Job?

Applying for an engineering job requires a detailed resume explicitly tailored to the job you want to apply for. To increase your chances of getting job interviews every time you apply for a new engineering position, we encourage you to check our 6 Actionable Steps To Get An Engineering Job And Build Your Resume.

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