The Philosophy Of Richard Branson Success

Chicago, IL – August, 19th 2016: A Virgin Airlines aircraft prepares for departure from Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Sir. Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur who founded Virgin group in 1970 as a mail-order record retailer and later built it to a Virgin Group that included a fleet of businesses in entertainment, air travel, trains, media, mobile phones and later space travel. There is a philosophy for success behind Richard success and the incredible success of Virgin Group.

Short snapshot of Richard Branson life

Richard was born in 1950 in Surrey, England. He suffered from dyslexia, a reading disorder that made it difficult to learn and consume school curriculums. Richard decided to drop from school at the age of 16, knowing that it was pointless for him to do something that he could not do. Richard decided to go into his own journey of founding his company that sold mail-order records in England. His mother was a flight attendance which made Richard interested in space and air travel. His early success in his youth allowed for the rapid expansion of the Virgin Group.

In 1980 he founded the Virgin Atlantic Airline, and later on, the Virgin Group has expanded to include a chain of businesses. Virgin group went public in 1986 with an IPO of over $56 Million. His success has prompted Richard to start Virgin Galactic, a space company for space tourism. The vision of Virgin Galactic came to fruition with its SpaceShipTwo. After many failures, the company made history on July 1, 2021, when it carried Richard and five other crew members to suborbital space about 89Km height, which is only a few kilometres away from orbital space.

What makes Elon Musk successful?

Passion for innovation

Richard has a passion for creating innovative things. He is not an engineer, but he knows how to find solutions and find people to implement his visions. He always says that I enjoy creating things that I am proud of and having a good time creating them. The Virgin Galactic introduces an innovative and remarkable solution to tourism space flight, and it can open the path for future space innovations.

If you do not know, Tubulars Bells is one of the Virgin records first albums which showed high success in sales of over $15 Million.

Never Give up

His struggles with dyslexia did not stop him from being successful. Ever since he was young, he has had an entrepreneurial mindset; he started his first business when he was 13, selling Christmas trees, and at 15, he started a school newspaper. He launched his airline with a leased Boeing 747, which later faced strong competition that was rather unfair from British airways.

In 1992 in an effort to save his airline, he sold Virgin Records for $1.5 Billion, one of the saddest moments of Richards life. Yet this move turned out to be a success because the record business has collapsed years later, but the airline business has grown as more airline travel was more accessible, and the brand has grown to over 35 countries.

Love for adventure

Richard has done many wild adventures, such as flying a hot air balloon through the pacific ocean in 1987 and 1991 in an attempt to promote his virgin airline. His love for adventure has made him go on many ventures that nearly killed him, yet his sense of adventure pushed him to take many risks, which is part of his success philosophy.

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